28 Month Old Potty Trials


Potty training our now 28 month old daughter is going well in the pee area. We are having very few accidents at this point and although we still remind her to use the potty, we are pleased with her progress. Pooping, however, is another story. She has had maybe 3 successes on the potty. The rest of the time she either goes in her diaper during nap time, or holds it for 3 days at which point we give her Miralax and then she will go in her underwear. She has never been predictable with respect to her bowel movements which makes it difficult. Tonight after dinner we sat her on the potty (she hasn't pooped in over 2 days) and told her to call us when she made something. She sat there and screamed/cried for over 30 minutes and of course, no poop. I'm at a loss. Do I just keep trying? I'm afraid if I do the gate it will be another scream fest with no success. She's a rather stubborn little girl. Any advice would be much appreciated!

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