It's God's Fault


Hi Melinda thank you for your recent advice. The situation with our 9 year old son has gotten worse since last night. Im at my wits end with him .

I took him to a church meeting last night. He has told me he is not interested in hearing about God which I don't force on him. At meetings he takes an activity like drawing etc to occupy him .

On the way home he said that hearing about God is so boring he would rather have cancer.

He also said he feels so unlucky that he was born in our family. That we are bad parents who don't give him his own tv, tablet etc. That he hates life with us.

I told him that while I respect his choice not to be interested in God but I will not tolerate him being rude about God or my beliefs. He later apologised.

He has no appreciation for what his parents do for him. He is angry, rude and a spoilt brat.

What is the best way to discipline him? Tickets or maybe kick out of the garden?

I love him but I really dislike the person he has become.

Thank you again

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