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I need help in dealing with an overindulgent grandparent. My father-in-law is always willing to help out with the kids (ages 5 and 2). The problem is, he gives them obscene amounts of sugar. For example, it's not even noon and he has given them donuts, two servings of juice, at least eight chocolate kisses and who knows how many skittles. He believes that sugar won't do them any harm. The kids get irritable and tell me they feel sick afterwards. He says they know when to stop, which means he feeds them as much as they as for until they start to feel sick. I'm not anti-sugar, but this seems like way too much. I love baking cookies for the kids and use candy as rewards. Diabetes is a real concern in my family, so I try to help the kids set healthy boundaries. I've asked him to lessen the amount of candy he gives them, which he has promised to do before. I don't believe he's going to change. He has lied in front of my children about the sugar in the past, which I feel is also a bad character trait that I don't want my children to learn. I'm considering banning him as a babysitter all together. Am I being unreasonable? He's a very decent person aside from the sugar addiction and his desire to "share" it with my kids.

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