20-mo Picky Eater


At what age is it ok to start this method: "Fail-safe Formula for Getting Kids to Eat Everything"?

I have a 20 mo old who is starting to get pickier about what he eats at meal times and snacks. I typically try to get him to eat the food I give him and if he doesn't eat it I'll just give it to him for the next meal/snack, etc, until he eats it.

It has since gotten difficult as he has started getting up in the middle of the night and won't sleep until he eats. If we don't give him anything he'll try to fall asleep for 20 min and start crying again, this will go on for hours, resulting in no sleep for anyone after 1am... He may be going thru a growth spurt and will pass in week or two. What can we try in the meantime?

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