9 year old's behavior at Girl Scout meeting


My 9 year old is in Girl Scouts. We have a meeting once a month. Most of her friends from her class are in her group. She hangs out with one girl in particular whose behavior is unacceptable to me. Her scout leader says they are not naughty but "high energy". In other words loud, disruptive, not listening, giggling, silly etc. Although the leader wouldn't call it naughty behavior, it apparently bothered her enough to say something to me today. She was very upset but told me she just ignores my daughter's behavior because she is only mimicking what my daughter's friend is doing. I didn't see it but I can imagine how it went. I was a scout leader last year and this is not a new thing. My question is when is it okay to give warnings? Do we dish out some harsh consequences now? Or do I sit down and talk very specifically to her first and give her a chance to improve it or else? It seems like she should know better by now.

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