21-mo Refuses to Sit on Potty


Hello. I just read Toilet Training without Tantrums. I am into Day 2 of toilet training my 21 month old son. We are using the potty bell. On the first day of toilet training he refused to sit on the potty every time. If we brought him next to the potty, he would not sit on it. If we put him on the potty, he would roll right off it. Today, the second day, I have put him on the potty and tried to hold him there talking to him calmly, but he refuses to sit.

I have read your toilet training topic question and answers. I have read answers which have instructed parents to reread the book and to read other people's questions and their answers. I have not found a satisfactory answer in the book or in the question and answer section of this website about what I should do.

Would you tell me what to do when my 21 month year old son consistently refuses to sit on the potty, please? Do I simply point to the potty when the potty bell rings and tell him to go sit on the potty? Will he just get the point over time (I know I'm only on day two)? Do I pick him up and sit him on the toilet and let him roll off it? Will he just get the point over time? It seems too early to gate him into the bathroom.

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