4 yo Anger Management


Our son recently turned four, and we have seen an increased amount of aggression in him. At times, it is directed towards peers (at preschool) for no particular reason, such as throwing a toy. At other times, if he becomes upset with a peer or a teacher, he will hit him/her with his hand or whatever he has in his hand. We have read "Well Behaved Child" and are putting it into practice. He has tickets at school for throwing toys (not at someone) or telling his teachers "no". If he demonstrates any type of aggression towards peers or teachers, we have asked that he be sent to the office, and wait for myself or his dad to pick him up, take him home and he spends the rest of the day in his room. We are consistent with this, and have seen some progress since we started about 1 1/2 weeks ago.
He does have some social delays and struggles with communicating well, and is not always able to answer a question appropriately. While I am confident with what we are doing, I was wondering if we need to consider ways to help him express his anger/frustrations more constructively. We are addressing the misbehavior, but do we need to help him find alternatives? If so, do you have any advice or direction on how we can help him better handle his feelings?

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