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We have a 14.5 year old daughter who is a sophomore in high school. We just moved to a new town. We are living in a small condo (1,000sf), two bedrooms, open kitchen, dining room, sitting area. Our daughter has a desk in her bedroom.

For the first time our daughter is using digital academic books on an I-pad. Like other parents we want to ensure proper usage of the I-pad. She also has a cell phone, computer and an I-pod.

She is a good student (As and B=s, studies and practices her piano and violin without being told. Thus, at the beginning of the school year, I told her she is responsible for her school requirements and will leave how and when she studies up to her unless her grads start falling.

My wife is very concerned regarding the use of the I-pad. Because of this my wife has now decided our daughter needs to do her school work at the kitchen table. The table is 12 feet from the kitchen, 4 feet from my desk and her Mother uses the other end of the table with her computer and paperwork. It's noisy. Oour daughter prefers to do her school work at her desk and sometimes on her bed. She gets to use her I-pad, phone, I-pod and computer in her bedroom other than for school work. We have not discovered abuse of the electronics.

Now, at 9:30 my wife wants all of our daughters electronics on the kitchen counter. I feel this tells our daughter we don't trust her. Until we find abuse, grades fall or our daughter complains she's not getting enough sleep, I believe the electronics should stay in the bedroom. NOTE: my wife is very controlling.

What wisdom would John Rosemond share with us?

Thank you.

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