4 year old Toilet Troubles


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Can we set a timer each time she uses the bathroom to teach her to move along while she's in there?

She is taking way to long (it easily takes her up to 10 minutes to just do the wiping process and sitting on the toilet) and she is still not wiping well enough with that. Everyday she has poop in her underpants, and has developed a rash too. I have been having her clean out her underwear (is this okay to keep doing?) also when she gets off the toilet she is leaving pee behind on the seat, clearly she is not wiping well. I do not know how this is possible when she is taking so long to "wipe". The times that we do give her five minutes she has not even gotten around to wiping at that point so I am not sure how to go about this if say she has pooped and needs to wash her hands.. What do we do at that point?

Also when she is sent to wash her hands before dinner and after coming home from school or anytime, I have been giving her 2-3 minutes to do that, and when times up- she is never done. Her hands are still covered in soap, which she seems to be playing with. What do I do when times up and she has not finished, can I pull a ticket?

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