27 Month Old "Not Getting" Toilet Training


I need some advice/encouragement regarding potty training my 27 month old daughter. We have just completed day 5 and it just honestly seems like she doesn't care about peeing on the floor. She wears thin cotton undies because if she doesn't the pee just shoots out in front of her and this way she can feel it, but she still doesn't seem to care. The last 2 accidents she's had, I have sat her on the potty to try, allowed her to get up after about 5 minutes, then within 5 minutes she pees on the floor. I've been good about not showing my frustration, but it's getting hard now. I'm literally "pissed" (excuse my language...trying to make a funny;-). I'm not giving up on this but I feel like I'm not gaining any headway. Thoughts?

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