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1st question: What do you recommend in terms of a 1 year old and a 4 year old sharing toys? They can't effectively play together because of their ages. He grabs hers, and she grabs whatever he is holding. There are usually lots of tears, tantrums, complaining from both parties regarding this. He topples her carefully arranged things. I'm not sure what to do but to tell her (if she's doing a puzzle or arranging something, to do so in her room and tell him not to snatch. He is 14.5 months, he hasn't learnt many rules yet It makes it pretty impossible for me to have peace throughout the day and to do my chores etc without constantly being involved.

2nd question: What should I do about the toy mess! The 4 year old is neat and tidy and generally does not leave things here and there. She tidies up well and independently when told to. The 1 year old understandably, brings things everywhere. Consequently, there are small toys in the laundry, toys on the kitchen floor, toys all over the living room, his bedroom and hers. I'm constantly picking it up or tripping over them! We have a small house and not much play space. Any advice?

3rd question: We are planning for the two to share a room in the next couple of months. They are in their own rooms at the moment. We want one room freed up for grandparents to stay in when they visit/ or used as a playroom, to minimize toy clutter in the living room. The older girl dislikes having her things messed up but her brother is always grabbing and pulling things down on the floor. Is there anything I can do to make the transition easier?

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