Bedtime Racket


Is there something we can do to have our daughter be some what quiet after bedtime and in the mornings before she is allowed up? After she is put to bed she playfully yells, screams, sing at the top of her lungs, pounds on her mattress with her legs, laughs hysterically, basically making any sort of racket with her mouth.

In the Morning my husband and I get up before her to have some time together before work and our daughter being a light sleeper is always awake no matter how early we get up. I know she is capable of being quiet as she has done so before. Lately she seems to not have a care what so ever even with losing a privilege during the day, and days she loses all tickets she seems to be even more rebellious with this. Any advice would be appreciated.

P.s. we had in the past tried having her play with a toy or book in the mornings before and that does not work with her she is too careless and destructive if left by herself and usually more rowdy than if she is to just stay put in bed.

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