17 year old Serial Texter


My daughter is 17. We gave her an iPhone when she was 14. The 1st Month she had it, she texted a few guys 16,000 times in a month. My mouth hit the floor in amazement and disgust. What I discovered very quickly is she is serially texting one maybe two guys intensely for months at a time, gets offended and moves on to another guy. She gets her heart broken, she cries, she's my friend again, things are good at home, until the next guy comes along. She has never been sexually active with any of these guys, but she has been intimate with a few. I have tried everything to try and understand why she attaches to guys so quickly. If I try to restrict her texts or block numbers, or "limit her freedom" in any way, she hates me, I'm a dictator, leave me alone, don't talk to me. We are at constant war with each other when she's "hooked" on some guy. We have always had a good relationship until a new guy shows up in her life. My wife sides with my daughter and I am the bad guy. I just read your book Teenproofing and loved it, which is why I'm here now. Any thoughts?

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