5 yo Problems in School


My daughter is 5 years old, in all day Kindergarten at a local Catholic school that she has attended since Pre-K. She is strong-willed, mature, and bright. She is having difficulty paying attention and being respectful in class when the teacher is talking. Her teacher today said that her attitude seems to have changed as last year she would come into class, give her a hug and a big smile. This year it's as if she doesn't care and wants to see what the teacher is going to do.
We have been calm, consistent, and have utilized the practice of sending her to her room for 30 minutes, or till dinner time, or even straight to bed after dinner.
I want her to be enjoyed in class...not endured! She has the ability to be respectful. But chooses not to. It's all about what she wants and she demands what she wants. We don't give in and have taught her that there are consequences for her actions. I'm looking for a consequence that will make a big enough impact to change her behavior. Is there one??

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