8 yo Not Doing Homework, Different Plan


Performance Rules:
My daughter is suppose to do everything including school work and homework, homework and finish it in a timely manner.
If she misses any work, including school work, homework, homework which forget to bring home, she will be grounded for 30 days in a row.
She will only get out the ground by doing everything 30 days in a row.
So, today is the start of the 30 days.
Hope this is reasonable.

By the way, the teacher asked me to print a report card and have five slots she can sign her signature, Mon. through Fri. . The report card is with her school points chart. Her school is pretty good with tracking the kids performance. I just wish it works. The things is that her points chart is ok and she has not lost any points so far. I guess I have to act up at home to make sure she does a decent work to prevent things getting really bad.

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