8 yo Not Doing Homework


We switched my daughter to a year round school. The school starts around July 13th.
She did reasonable since the beginning. However, she is sliding back recently. I noticed that when she was with us in the summer, she is making improvements. Maybe the school environment is too complicated for her and she can not handle it.
The teacher was telling us that she is getting slack. So, I talked to the teacher to use a report card. If she does not do well, she can take points away from her points chart. (her school uses points chart to monitor kids behaviors in the school)
I don't think the report card got her attention. She is doing worse with homework. I normally tell her to finish her work at certain time and she will finish it for me. However, she is getting worse recently. Today, the homework is dragging on and on with no reason. I am trying really hard not to get upset. I am also using a ticket system. If she lost all 5 tickets, she is going to be grounded that day. She loses one ticket if she does not finish the work at certain time. She already lost all 5 tickets today and she is still dragging on with the homework. Any suggestions?

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