17 yo Independence, Part 3


I am a little confused. What is the difference between an ipod and a cellphone? They are both ways of communicating with friends and other people. She isn't doing any of the responsibilities we have given her. When I have her come out of her room, to do what few responsibilities she has, she tells me she is 17, she should not have to do anything and she does not want me telling her what to do. I do not want to micromanage her or control her. I get that. She has already applied online to starbucks and did not get hired. She is in her room sun up to sun down. If she has done her responsibilities, that is up to her if she wants to be in there. I spent time in my room too when I was a teenager. Not as much as her. She has had 3 jobs, I encouraged her with all three. We live out in the country. The last one, we took her into town 5 days a week. Bottom line I want her to have independence.

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