4 Year Old Regresses to Baby Behavior


4.5 year old had a period (6 months?) of dry nights and days. We have 7 children in the house, he is in the middle. When the older children went to summer camp for a month, he loved to take the role of the big boy. Now they are back, I've had a new baby and all of a sudden, its a slippery slope back to baby behavior. He sucks his thumb ALL DAY dragging his blankie around. He pees his pants multiple times every day. He is peeing the bed every single night. He is whining incessantly. He is not short of attention or love. We do spank at home and are all a very disciplined homeschooled family. Life is busy, but I just dont know what to do to make him stop. HELP ME PLEASE. This is DAILY!!!
He has no food allergies or ADD etc. He's just a normal kid. But I dont know what to do.

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