Party Time


My wife and I attended the parenting conference last weekend with John. We have since had to drop the punishment hammer on our two oldest girls, 8 & 6 years old for not obeying. The punishment was 2 weeks of early bedtimes of 6:30. This weekend we have a surprise party for my parents and 30+ guests at our house. In his talk he mentioned that dealing with disobedience needed to be condense the and not in the middle of a dinner party, but how do you handle this situation. Do I send two screaming kids to their room to reinforce the punishment and just deal with it or do I add another day to the tail end of the punishment? My wife is scared to death that we are going to have 30 people watching us deal with two screaming kids. I feel like we need to live up to the no exceptions clause that we told the kids. Any advice here?

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