I have a 1 year old (almost 13 months) whom we have spoon fed up until now so he doesn't lose weight. He has a hole in his heart and weight gain issues. The doctor told us to prioritize maintaining his skinny 10th percentile weight and not let it slide further down the lineā€¦in other words, make sure the boy is getting enough food in. I have tried to encourage him to feed himself but he won't, gets upset and cries hysterically and throws the food on the floor (or plays with it). This is mainly for breakfast where he gets things like bread to eat. He resists it when I try to help him put the food in his mouth and refuses to do it himself. When he gets upset enough, he rejects the food altogether. I wonder if we should just wait it out until he wants to feed himself. Perhaps he's not got the motor skills? I don't understand, since my daughter has finger fed herself since she was a mere baby or 7-8 months.

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