Mouth Breather


I have a rather funny question - my daughter is 4, she is a persistent mouth breather since she was about 2. She just breathes rather loudly through her mouth, pants in between talking. and keeps her mouth open most of the time. It's almost as if she's using her mouth exclusively to breath. I think It's a bad habit if anything. I can hear her breathing loudly though her mouth from the end of the room. No allergies. It just became a habit after she had cold after cold for several weeks and the habit has been stuck for at least 2 years. I noticed daily bad breath (no tooth problems), more tiredness, more illnesses and my understanding is that mouth breathing isn't good for health. I can't seem to correct it though..she doesn't care obviously but it bothers me because of the bad breath. It just seems a petty problem. Should I just let it go? Perhaps we have enough on our hands at the moment…not sure. What do you think?

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