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Bed Wetting - Regression!


This question is in conjunction to my previous: It appears our daughter is possibly wetting the bed to challenge our authority. I know she is able to control this (as she did at her grandparents) and is just withholding to tell us when she needs to go because she can and is in charge of that. Especially since this started a day after returning from grandparents and she's upset that her time there has come to an end, we strongly feel she is acting out with this. This become evident today after she was sent to her room for a consequence ( very short amount of time) and she deliberately peed her pants and was very eager and proud of herself to show us the evidence. She is bringing up the bedwetting through out the day with a cocky attitude behind it like its funny. Tonight she was sent straight to bed after dinner for the on purpose as we wanted her to see this is not a joking matter. And it already appears that the bed wetting is elective since for the first time in 9 nights she decided to tell us when she needed to go. What is a good consequence to apply until she realizes this is not a game since tonights early bed time already seemed to have made progress? Thank you

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