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Bed Wetting


Help! Our daughter had recently stayed with grandparents for a few weeks. Upon Returning she has started wetting the bed regularly. She has been potty trained since about 3 and she's now 4 and 3 months. When potty trained at night it only took her 3 days without underpants to get it down! Since then we have not not had any issues at night. When she returned the first night home she stayed dry that night and came morning she had told us when she had to go. No problem there. The following night she wet the bed and has for the last 8 nights straight which is very unusual for her. We took her to the Dr. to rule out any medical causes and doesn't appear to be anything wrong. I have a slight feeling that she is being either a bit lazy with wanting to get up to go as she is okay to fall back asleep in a wet bed till the morning, doesn't make a fuss OR that she is scared to go for some reason or to tell us. She may have taken grandma's rule of being quiet after bedtime too literally maybe and is afraid to say so? She doesn't want us to find out her bed is wet either so she will stay silent in the morning until we get her and she has a shamed looked on her face. She is not sleeping any deeper than usual. She is however more tired during the day because of not sleeping so well at night being in a wet/cold bed. I spoke to the grandparents and checked when she was cut off for liquids and its the same time as ours. YET SHE DID NOT WET THE BED AT THEIR HOME. We cannot figure out what is going on or how to handle this. She's sleeping pants less and we have her cleaning up and taking off bedding and sheets the following morning. She seems to be comfortable with doing this routine and not thinking much of it all, seems to think its a fun activity to do so far. Any advice is greatly appreciated!

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