6 year old tantrums reappear


My 6 year old daughter has hit a rough patch- after working with her and seeing a nice, long lull in the tantrum department, we are skidding down hill again. She hasn't been sleeping well and we are in the middle of moving and now she's got a nasty case of strep, so all these things are adding up into turning our sweetie into a monster. It seems like she's been grounded forever- we have to keep restarting the calendar as per your technique. I'm just having a hard time in these meltdowns. I stay very calm and never yell at her and pray a lot. But I feel very helpless in the middle of her losing her mind screaming and kicking and, for example, trying to bite me as I dragged her somewhere safer so she wouldn't damage things or herself. One time I put her in the shower (warm water, clothes on) and the shock surprised her so much she snapped out of it. Only worked once, though. I try very hard to talk her down as I see her veering to the edge of a meltdown, but if she does, and she knows the consequences are coming, it sends her into even more spasms of uncontrollable tantruming. She's going to bed (because the "doctor" said) right after dinner, but she doesn't fall asleep for hours, and 80% of this whole problem is she's way overtired. Help!

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