2.5 won't pee in potty


I have read Toilet Training without Tantrums, as well as attended one of his parenting conferences! We are huge fans! My daughter, almost 2.5, has become by far the most difficult to potty train. Poops in the potty fine but does not seem to mind not excusing herself to go "no 1" whether it be sitting on furniture, or in her car seat etc and as of late has resorted to when being punished and sent to her room, then relieves herself on the floor! I feel like it is to punish me for punishing her..or to get a reaction out of me..or both! We have tried everything to help her understand the proper way to go to the restroom: scolding, sending her to her room, and even spanking! We have been at this for over 3 months. We are desperately seeking guidance and are appreciative of any advice you can offer. My son potty trained at 2 years old and in three days was accident free!

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