4 yr old tantrum out of the blue!


Things were going so well. My husband and I had just been discussing how we hadn't had to do more than take a ticket away here and there but couldn't even remember the last time my 4.5 year old had lost all 3 of his tickets. Today we took him to the state fair. He was well rested, it wasn't overly hot, he hadn't done much more walking than our usual daily routine (we walk to the park several times most days). At the end of lunch he had a full on fall on the floor screaming tantrum like a 2 year old, triggered by a very minimal disappointment. I was pretty shocked, I had really thought he was past this stage. So instead of ice cream and some carnival rides, which had been next on the agenda, we headed towards the gates without telling him we were leaving so we could at least get him out without further disruption (although he was intermittently whining and crying all the way and then lost it again when he saw the car and realized we were leaving). Now he is in his room for the rest of the day. Is there anything more we need to do in regards to this incident to make sure he gets the message this wasn't acceptable behavior?

The second concern I have is that we are going to Disney in 4 months. I was feeling confident that we would be ok in regards to behavior but after today I'm not feeling so sure. He has a 3 year old brother who is much more well behaved, just overall an easy going kid. Myself, my husband, and grandma and grandpa will be going as well. I'm wondering what we can do in the next 4 months to help minimize the chance of something similar there and advice for steps to take if it does occur there. We have transportation so that a parent and any misbehaving child can leave the Disney park while the rest of the group remains if it comes to that. Thanks!

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