15 year old Kicked Out of Garden


My 15 year old son is a habitual liar and refuses to follow our family rules. He repeatedly will go to sports practice and then go to a friends house without asking or calling. He did send me a text at work 4 hours after he should have been home asking to stay at his friends house until band camp. I have grounded him from going to his friends house on multiple occasions, grounded from electronics, sports practices, and even reading as he loves to read and would spend hours doing it. He refuses to do his simple chores in a timely manner and always has excuses as to why they didn't get done. I'm out of ideas and have no idea what to do next to help this kid turn around. I know that in the past I have messed up by siding with my son over my husband and found out that my son was on an all out rampage to cause a divorce. I think that he now thinks that he can try to manipulate me and cause me to feel sorry for him b/c his father is not in his life. My husband and I are now on the same page and I am trying to prove a point to my son that we agree and I value my husband's insights. All I want is a respectful child that has empathy and compassion for others. I know full well that he will make mistakes, but mistakes here and there are better that blatant disrespect for family members and disregard to our family rules. Any assistance is greatly appreciated!

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