Sexual aggression - Part 3


You are correct on busy, Carri. My husband is big on keeping them all busy, which explains the plethora of interesting buildings we have on our property. It is amazing what eleven adopted children can accomplish when they set their minds to it and have some guidance. Our fourteen year old as of today, has a volunteer position in town, working at the John Deere facility with a bunch of guys. Not the greatest influence as far as character, but he is a very much appreciated part of the team. We were allowing him to walk the five miles to town and five miles home again six days a week to volunteer there six full days a week. He had his violent outburst after he had been working there a month so we cut it back to three days a week. No girls or small children there. We think it is a positive but in a limited capacity. He was sent to town to find a job to pay for the repairs on the new bike he broke and to pay rent as he has been refusing to do schoolwork for us. But he got into the volunteer thing instead which is just as well because he was spending the money as fast as he earned it. He is now allowed to ride "my bike" (until he pays the repair bill and it reverts to being "his bike") because he moved a couple of tons of hay for us and a couple of other minor chores. You give me great encouragement to persevere. I will say, the boy does not cause any other problems besides the sexual and destruction. Generally, a fun guy to have around and we believe he is making great headway. Husband is considering telling him not to have communion until he decides if he really wants to be following Christ, which includes not hurting younger folk. But that is a tough call as no one can read the heart, only the actions.

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