7th Grader Uncirumsized


My stepson who is going into 7th grade has never been circumsized. I have been raising him since he was 3 (his bio mother is deceased). Should i bring up the subject to ward off any potential embarrassment or confusion to him? I don't know if he even knows what an uncircumsized male looks like and I also know kids can be cruel with teasing and such. His older brother, who is now 18, had crying fits about this when he was younger, but I was new to the family and no one addressed this with him. My husband would never talk to him about it and I would have no problem doing so. My question is should I say nothing or give him a little biology lesson? He is a very confident child and has many friends, but also loves fitting it with the other kids ex. with his clothing styles and hair cuts. His school has no swimming pool, but we all know how silly kids can be at this age. Any advice will be appreciated.

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