6 year old Learning Responsibility


My six year old has not taken responsibility for doing what she is supposed to do daily. I have to ask her to do things that she should be doing on her own. Examples are as follows: clean up her dishes and put in dishwasher, make up her bed every day, feed the dog after afternoon, pick up her clothes off the floor and put in laundry room, and empty her book bag every day and put up lunchbox and take out homework. I just got a great answer back from a coach about how to make sure she listens the first time (without me nagging) which is another issue. So, I don't want to mess things up by addressing too many issues at one time. I just want my child to become a responsible, conscientious older child and then adult. I know that what I do know is going to a big impact on that. Thanks again for your help.

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