14 year old sexual aggression


Back again on my fourteen year old son in three days. Once again, another child (also turning fourteen in a few days, emotionally disturbed and mentally challenged) is alleging (and though she does lie a lot, we believe her on this due to her behavior changes at the time) that he was asking her to lift her shirt and touching her inappropriately, again, in the truck and in the living room. Realize that all of our seven children at home are sexualized adopted children and this has been an ongoing battle in all of them, though these two seem the most struggling (four have grown up and moved on successfully). We are returning the alarm to his door at night, not allowing him in any vehicle with other children and only one adult, not allowing him in any changing rooms, not allowing him in any room of the house except his bedroom without an adult present, etc. He is on a waiting list for psychological diagnosing (the closest place for that in our state is about four hours away)and has been for several months. We figure we have three and a half more years of very intense parenting with him, then he can go to the Idaho Youth Challenge where they will be watching him. It has entered my husband's mind that we might need to unadopt him. But that would just be passing the problem on to others. He arrived in our home nearly four years ago through a broken family adoption, we have never been told, but guess that he and his brother were molesting his sisters and cousins. They were told to never contact any of them ever again. The older brother is doing very well. Can you offer us any hope? We do not want to give up on him, though we realize some children won't make it and he may qualify. But we do need to protect our other children and the children he will be attending school with. We homeschool all of the others. Again, it may be best to request this question be answered privately out of consideration of the issues and children involved. Thank you.

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