6 year old Says Mean Things to Mom


Recently, my 6 year old has started saying things to me when she is angry. "I don't like you" or "does anyone like you?" are 2 examples. This has happened when I am asking her to do something that she doesn't want to do or when she is sitting in the chair because she hasn't listened to me. Both of which I addressed with "Ok, well, I love you.". I don't get upset and haven't punished thus far because she's trying to get my goat. Today she said "you're ugly". I explained that wasn't a very nice thing to say and went about my business. She was sitting in the chair again because she wasn't listening to what I was telling her to do. The listening problem is also something I need to figure out b/c my discipline is not working that well (she listens right away sometimes but 1/2 the time she doesn't). What are your thoughts on how to address saying "you're ugly"? I don't want this to escalate and I don't want her saying these things to other children.

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