23 mo whining and regressing with potty training


We are on day 5 of Naked and $75 with our 23 month old daughter. The first two days were messy as I anticipated but by day 3 she had lots of wins on the potty including a bowel movement. Day 4 she had two bowel movements on it but I noticed she was trying to hold her pee for longer durations and she had more accidents. Today is day 5 and she's only had accidents. My concern is that she whines every time she has "to go" and then whines as she walks to the potty and whines as she sits on it. Her morale immediately changes if she is able to eliminate on it, but half the time she just whines, tries to sit on it, then gets up, circles around it and has an accident next to it. Or doesn't even try to use it and just has an accident next me while she is whining. I'm trying not to micromanage and just calmly directing here where to go when she shows signs. But I'm going to need to leave the house at some point and haven't been able to get her to calmly sit on the potty without fighting it, crying and whining. So the method of putting her on the travel potty in the car before going into a store isn't an option for me yet. I'm considering the potty bell but I'm not convinced that it will get her to sit (and stay) on it. Any suggestions? It's frustrating because I know she can do it, she proved to me she could on day 3 but has regressed since.
Thanks in advance.

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