12 Year Old Not Adjusting Well to Camp


We sent our 12 year old son to sleepaway camp. This is his third year going to the same camp. He's been writing us letters that his summer is horrible and the boys in his bunk are "mean" to him. The latest letter stated that the kids hate him so much that they kicked him out of the bunk and he had to transfer bunks, and he is so miserable that he is thinking of hurting or cutting himself! We have been in touch with the camp director and division head. They were working very hard to correct the situation from the very beginning. I asked them not to sugarcoat but to tell me exactly what my son is doing and what the other kids are saying. It seems that the kids don't hate him, but they are annoyed beyond any tolerance by his various behaviors. This resonates with me because he does have some very annoying behaviors, but he doesn't seem to be aware that it affects his relationships. He is an excellent student, and interested in a lot of things, art and sports, but he doesn't get along with other kids in many different environments. It's not like he misses all social ques, but obviously he doesn't see how he can annoy others and he blames everyone else for their "meanness". Any idea how to address this? I Don't want to pull him out of camp, I want him to work through this situation himself, but I am now very concerned due to the "cutting" comment. Thanks!

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