26 mo not pooping on potty


I have been training my 26 month old boy for the last month with your method and things are going fine with the pee aspect. He tells me when he has to go or he goes when I place him on the potty with no fuss. He still needs a lot of help with his underwear, so he is not completely independent yet, but I am pleased that this part has been relatively easy and he is very proud of himself. However, things are not going so well with the poop aspect. He has not had one successful poo in the potty. He comes to tell me when he's had one, or he does it right in front of me on the floor or in his underwear, but I'm always too slow to catch it quick enough and the messes are wearing on me. He is also not very predictable, I've tried gating him in the bathroom and nothing happened for hours and hours and I had a very miserable boy. It seemed a little too traumatic to be very successful, but I'm not sure what else to try. He is still in cloth diapers at bedtime and he sometimes has a dry diaper when he wakes up, but not always. He also has occasional poops in his diaper as well. I don't get upset at any of these accidents, just clean him up and remind him that poop goes in the potty just like pee, but I sure would like to see a shift soon!!

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