2 yo Potty Regression


Our daughter will be three in September. We're currently in the middle of a regimen designed to get her to sleep in her own room (she was sleep-trained but went through a spate of regression). That program is going well enough, but there's a new wrinkle: she's been potty trained, day and night, for the better part of a year. For the past few nights she's peed the bed before she goes to sleep, which she knows will get us in there to clean it up (she also recently had a mild case of vaginitis which is clearing up). Last night we went in and changed the sheet but she peed again, so we put down a towel (she's not quite coordinated enough yet to manage this herself), and she peed again (just a little spot). We put a pull-up on her for the first time in ages- not as a punitive thing, just to prevent further sheet issues - and told her to just move away from the wet spot (she's in a full-size mattress/boxspring on the floor so she has plenty of room). She went to sleep and slept through, but this morning she cried and cried when we took the pull-up off, and kept saying she wanted a diaper, and peed on the floor. Did we make a mistake by putting a pull-up on her? What's our best course of action here? Thanks so much!

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