16 yo Parents Sticking to It


I will be a STRONG parent to my teenager. Thank you Sarah for the "tough love" that you are continually reinforcing me to implement for my snotty teenage boy. It seems the world of parents I see are jumping for their kids (my boy is one of the few not going on the big band trip).

I am being strong and any moments I have of feeling sorry for him are shared with my husband -- I then pull myself up, snap out of it, and continue to implement the plan.

One of your answers said "If you truly want to reform your son--and I'm not sure you really do . . ." was so difficult to read because I had put boundaries and I truly could/would get tougher. But I understand that many of the parents want to vent but not do the tough piece of parenting. So I continued writing you and explained that I "wanted to" and then stuck with your answers.

P.S. You mentioned in your last answer about his "white noise" . . . so true. But yesterday he did say "scr** you" to his Dad, so on that note even at 16, we said done, go to bed for the night. It was 5:30 pm.

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