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25 mo wets the bed


We ditched diapers Friday of Memorial Day weekend and it took 3 full weeks, but my 23 month (at the time) son is doing fantastic during the daytime! He never has accidents and even tells us, occasionally, when he needs to go. (Melanie Callaway responded to my panicky question early on in the potty training and asked me to follow up.) However, we are now 6 weeks without diapers and he is still wetting the bed every night. I re-read the chapter on night training in "Toilet Training Without Tantrums" so I know there isn't anything we can do to teach him to stay dry, but I think he actually is staying dry while he sleeps, the problem is when he wakes up (either in the middle of the night or in the morning), he's not getting out of bed to use the potty. We have a small potty in his room and I've also told him to get out of bed and knock on his door (he can't use door handles yet) and/or call out to me. But he's not doing any of those things. He's just wetting the bed and doesn't seem bothered by it. We put him to sleep in only a shirt and underwear. And we have a waterproof mattress pad on his bed. Perhaps a rubber sheet would be better? If so, is there something specific you can recommend? I'm so tired of washing everything every day. Do you have any suggestions?? We potty trained my older son at 23 months and he literally only wet the bed once or twice and that was it. We weren't prepared for 6 weeks of this with our 2nd son, although I know it's not that unusual. We're going out of town for vacation in a couple weeks and I'm afraid we'll have no choice but to put him in a pull up at night for the week we're away, but I'd obviously prefer not to do that.

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