3.5 year old On Purposes


My little girl is almost three and a half. She has been pretty much potty trained for about 5-6 months, meaning, she occasionally has a an accident during sleep (not her fault) or simply because she doesn't listen to her body and doesn't stop playing long enough to sit on the potty (her fault). She has been talked to about this (simply, calmly, and repeatedly). She knows what to do and how to do it. She will go several weeks without accidents, and then have a rash of days where she is wetting her pants almost constantly, or getting up and wetting on her floor after she has been put to bed. She will even lie there in her bed awake and wet the bed on purpose. She announces what she has done and then says she does not know why she did it. I have had her help clean her accidents up. I have taken away TV the next day, though she only watches about half an hour when she watches at all. I have taken away that night's or the next night's dessert. None of these things seem to faze her much. Tonight she actually pooped in the bathtub, and then got out of the tub to come into the next room to tell me that she had done it and she didn't know why. So this time, I told her she was going to bed without stories. I gated her in, and told her that she knew how to use the potty, and she could always use the potty in her room if she needed to go. But that if she "peeped" on her floor or bed or her blankets during the night, I was not coming in to clean up and we would not be rocking back to sleep because she was a big girl and it was wrong and unkind to be making these messes on purpose. We'll see how that goes. Does it sound like I'm on the right track? You guys have said before that she has a 24 hour window for consequences, but I don't know what to take away when she doesn't really watch TV, eat a lot of sweets/treats, or have a favorite toy. Many thanks!

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