House Rules for Adult Children?


Our 20-year old son is returning home from College for his summer break. We know that you advise that we respect that he is an adult and therefore not put the same restrictions on him that we did when he was in high school. So we only have a few . . . come home by 2:00 am (because his Mom will worry to death otherwise); cut the grass as his contribution to the family chores; etc. His girlfriend from college is visiting and will stay with us for a weekend. What rules - if any - should we have? We are a Christian family. Sleeping in different rooms is a definite. When in High School and a girl was over, they would have to keep the play room door open (where they could watch movies) and no heavy make out sessions. What can or should we say now that he is an adult . . . but he will still be in our house.

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