7 yo Garden Kick/Micromanagement


The kick out of garden seems working.
We told her she will stay in her room for a week if we have to remind her behaviors in her chess class three times. She did much better after the first class, which she failed. However, she managed in the next following two classes.
Several days ago, she does not listen to her mother, when her mother told her walk on the side walk. So, we let her stay in her room one more week. Her dad was really upset when he got home and heard that she does not listen again. So, he adds other issues to the list, like making her bed within 10 minutes, brushing her teeth in 5 minutes, having her meal in 20 minutes and having her shower in 10 minutes. Moreover, he wants her to sit in one area of her room when she is grounded.
I agreed with him. However, this way, we are keep adding more days to the grounding along the way. Do you think what we are doing is proper? We did tell he that we won't mind that she will stay in her room until 18 years old.
Any comments for what we are doing now?

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