Toddler Still Having "On-purposes"


Well we didn't quit, mainly b/c we wanted our son to know that he can trust our word. The gate worked after 3 days but during the six months since then we've gone back and forth and I know I've exacerbated the process multiple times by losing my poker face.

We had gotten to a pretty successful point where he was independent all except for when to go (we had to tell him to go throughout the day). Still in pull-ups for sleep times. Then our new baby came and as we expected he has digressed. The baby is 4 weeks. My problem is that I'm running out of incentives that work. He peed in the floor today for the second time this week, and for the second time I took away all of his toys. He gets one toy back each time he goes in the potty. But he doesn't seem to care. He even laughed about it today and told me it was funny when he pees in the floor.

Is there anything else I can try or do we just have to ride this out?

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