24 month old Toilet Troubles


We have begun toilet training our 24 month old, and after 3 days she has stopped urinating in the toilet (but did go in an empty laundry basket) & when she pooped (not on the potty) she brought it to me in a toy cup. I am confident she understands what she is supposed to do, as she sits on the training toilet when I ask her to show me where she is supposed to potty & poop. She will sit on the toilet and cry/scream. I leave the room & tell her to let me know when she is done. When a short interval has passed, she stands up, puts down the lid of the toilet, and walks away without doing anything in the toilet. Once I see she is up, I ask her to show me what she did, and she sits down on the floor and cries. Should we try the potty bell/gate at this stage or just continue what we're doing for a few more days? Thanks for your advice!

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