7 year old Defiant


Hi. First of all thank you for the advice with potty training our Ethiopian daughter.
My question this time is about our adopted 7 year old. She has been with us since birth. It has been told to us she came from a 19 year old women who was physically abused regularly and used marijuana during the pregnancy.
She is in first grade and has been diagnosed as having ADHD both by her pediatrician and a psychologist. She takes conserta 18mg. Academically she is doing great, third in her class.
All that being said she is still strong willed and defiant. She ask why and talks back constantly even while on the medicine. The medicine does make her less hyper but the behavior issue still persists. Her father and I are exhausted of this and it is affecting our marriage.
We do time out, take things away, and even spank on occasion. It seems like nothing affects her. Any advice on how to get the talking back to stop?

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