1st grader not doing schoolwork


Hi, I got an email from my first-grade son's teacher today and she feels that she has exhausted all of her "tricks of the trade" to get my son to complete his work. He has been diagnosed with ADHD (but not on any medication) and so she is giving him several support systems and has shortened his assignments but he is still not finishing his work. He gets very distracted and fidgets, he has completely lost interest and attention in class. This is not the first time we've had issues like this, unfortunately it's been an on-going struggle. We do the ticket system at home and at school but it's not working. Just wondering if it's time to implement "the Agony and the Godfather principle"? If so, for how long? In Rosemond's son's example he was a fifth grader and was in his room for a month but my son is only 6-years old, would one-week or two-weeks be okay?

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