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Hi Gurus,

Once again with a sleep question! Our daughter will be 3 in September. We've just put her in a big-girl bed, which she is totally fine with. However - and this was going on in the crib, too, so it's not the bed - she is going through a thing is crying her eyes out after we say goodnight and has been waking in the night as well. Now that she's in a big bed it's actually easier to get in and cuddle with her, but I don't know if this is the best policy in the long run (last night she had gotten out of the bed - I think she was trying to use the little potty we put in there and was on the floor, so that was a legit case of needing help, but mostly she's just crying in her bed). My questions: do kids her age NEED the cuddles or just WANT them? Should we just not cuddle at all after the initial good-night cuddle time there is also a downstairs neighbor to consider, so that's a factor in deciding how much crying we should let happen)? And can a kid this age understand a sticker chart - IE, if you make it through five nights without crying, we'll go to the toy store kind of thing, or is that beyond their powers of reasoning? Thanks again for being such a great resource! ~Emily

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