Terrible Twos


My 2 year old boy has picked up his sassiness and disobedience to high levels in the past week. Throwing cups, swiping crayons off table, flinging water in a parents face at bath, hitting/kicking/biting his older brother while in double stroller, etc. The behavior is usually in response to being told no or being unhappy and other times just seems like he's looking for a reaction.
i am calm to most situations but do act swiftly. If I put him in time out, he comes out within seconds (reaction seeking). If I give his bottom or hand a swat, he just kicks at me.
We have moved his bedtime up a half hour in recent days to 7:30pm. He takes a good 2 hour nap.
I'm really not sure what the best response is. If we are out and about, it's really hard. Help??

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