11 yo Underachieving


As the end of school approaches, I am SO HAPPY to report that my son has improved in leaps and bounds the past two years, thanks to mom and dad's hard work and YOUR (Parent Guru) support! THANK YOU! At this moment, he has two C's. Is this okay, yes, but I know he can do better. He had A's and B's ALL YEAR, until spring fever caught him in February. I have asked, not nagged or begged, for him to finish the year on a high note. He has five weeks to improve, although the last two months have shown me that he likely won't get the C's up in time. I want this to be HIS desire, not mine. What is a good motivator at this point? My husband and I are trying to show good leadership to him and a united front, which was working great until recently...

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