Unruly 12 yo On Medication


I am currently homeschooling our 12 year old son. He is adopted for which we have very little medical records--we do know that birth-mom was a heavy smoker and had no prenatal care up to delivery. He was 4.1 pounds at birth//very colic We have worked with professionals since age 2. He was tested by a Pediatric Neuropsychologist and Psychologist age 8- diagnosed with Executive skills disorder--and has a lot of symptoms of Asperger"s. School situation wanted us to medicate him with 3 different things. He is currently on clonidine. He is very impulsive, and does a lot of inappropriate things especially in public. I do send him to his room the rest of the day when we get home. I am working at role playing and teaching him many social skills. He is very smart-- can almost recite the things we have worked on verbatim -- has memorized much scripture but in the heat of the moment rarely pulls from that resource. He is getting harder and harder to take away from our home. He does things I can't even predict. If I didn't make him go somewhere everyday, I am not sure he would ever even ask to leave. If we go somewhere and he acts up, I need to leave with him, I have a very hard time getting him to leave where we are--he gets extremely loud and disrespectful. If I turn around and leave --he does not come out to the car. At that point then I am pretty sure I can not leave a store clerk to deal with it --His basic response is "no" sometimes he is yelling it without anyone else saying one word...

When I send him to his room--I think he just retreats into his own little world (all I have in his room is books on social skills and school work) and loves being there so he can be alone. When I make him go out--I feel like he doesn't really care if we have to leave early... because he didn't want to leave anyway.

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