21mo doing great with potty-Mom persevered-


This is in response to "21 mo day 10 potty training." It's amazing what a difference a day can make. I was pretty sure that she understood what was expected of her, she was just being a stinker. I wasn't ready to quit w/o trying a few more things to motivate her. I started to make her clean up her own messes. I think feeling the wet on her feet as the towel soaked up the pee started to change her thinking. Not at first, but eventually she wanted to avoid doing it. I also allowed her to roam free until there was an accident, at which time she had to go to the gated area. I told her that "the doctor" said she had to stay in that area (bedroom and playroom) until she learned to use the potty. After each meal, she'd get another shot at freedom.

Day 11, out of the blue, she turned a corner and was about 50/50. Day 12-13 we were on the go almost all weekend. She only had a few accidents. She even tells me when she needs to go, and holds it long enough to get to a bathroom and set up her travel potty. Amazing!

Bottom line, I'm so glad I didn't give up. She has a strong willed personality, and so do I. Once I resolved to be patient and accept that it wasn't going to be on my timeline, she realized that it wasn't about mommy and it was up to her. Day 14, she was 50/50 again and spent most of the day in the gated area. Here we are half way through Day 15 and she is doing great! Not a single accident. I know we aren't out of the woods yet, but I know the roughest part is over. I am learning so much about patience through this process.

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